So you’ve launched a selection of business applications with your frontline staff, but you’re not seeing the success you’d hoped for.  What do you do next?

Having seen this challenge occur with telcos across the world, we’ve developed a 4 pillar model of distribution to analyse where the challenges stem from and have designed a range of solutions to respond to the most common – ensuring long-term success.

In this webinar, we’ll be joined by our partners at Mozy Pro to help you identify the fundamental problems your facing with your channels and give you solutions to some of the most common.

We’ll consider:

  • What the barriers are to sales staff not delivering the desired results
  • How to identify and implement the solutions to motivate your staff to sell
  • How to implement and formalise an ongoing programme of improvement


Our service packages

Choose from a wide range of GTM packages that help you tackle challenges across the SaaS product lifecycle


  • Get industry insight into the most effective propositions
  • Develop an SMB proposition that meets your strategic goals
  • Benchmark GTM readiness against best practice
  • Construct an engaging multi-channel launch plan


  • Train your channels to ensure success from launch
  • Investigate frontline challenges that are limiting performance
  • Test new ways of working with our Pathfinder programme
  • Build a best-in-class customer lifecycle model


  • Benchmark and analyse your success against peers
  • Conduct deep-dive reviews of channel performance
  • Develop a programme of work for channel optimisation
  • Analyse and enhance your customer lifecycle approach
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